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Yan Kwong Fan
Yan Kwong Fan
Yan Kwong Fan
Yan Kwong Fan
Yan Kwong Fan

Obituary of Yan Kwong Fan

Obituary of Yan-Kwong (Vincent) Fan

1930-May-27 to 2018-September-12

Second son of Wong-Sing Fan & Shing Shi

Devoted brother of Eddie Fan and Anthony Sing

Beloved husband of Pui-Ying Fan

Proud father of Kelvin (Kai-Ning), Michelle (Yuen-Man), Curtis (Che-Fung), and Daniel (Cheong-Lun) with wife Pauline (Kit-Fong).

Respected grandfather of Aaron with wife Susana, and Michael.

In the evening of Wednesday, September 12th, Vincent quietly and peacefully took off, after fighting hard and named as the Sepsis "survivor with 9-lives" by his doctor, Dr. Keen of Scarborough Hospital Birchmount Campus.

As a young man growing up in Hong Kong and brought up mainly by his grandmother (as his parents resided in Australia), he was tough (although thinly built) and involved with the community through the Civil Aid Service (CAS).

CAS is a civil organization that assists in a variety of auxiliary emergency roles during typhon, and many other rescue operations in Hong Kong.

While being a very dedicated worker at the Hong KongGovernment, as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor for many years, he took an early retirement in 1982. That was to facilitate the immigration to Canada with his wife and youngest son, to join his daughter and son-in-law in Toronto Ontario. His other sons followed later.

In Toronto he stayed in touch with his Hong Kong high school alumni (St. Mark's School, previously known as St. Paul's), and actively involved with most of the school functions, especially the dance parties!

In the 90's, he was enthusiastically involved as an assistant instructor, with the Wuji Qigong club led by Mr. Han Cheung (studying under Chung-Fong Choi). He believed in giveback to the community.

In leisure, he loved going to all the line-dance, and social-dance classes with his daughter.

In his late years, he found friends and enjoyment at TNT Kungfu School re-learning the original Chen Taichi.

So long and farewell to Mr. Fan, our Taichi Dancer!