Chen Fong Hwa 華周貞芳女士
Chen Fong Hwa 華周貞芳女士

Obituary of Chen Fong Hwa 華周貞芳女士

Obituary from her son, Po-Shing Wah

My mother, Mrs Chen Fong Hwa, was born in a well-to-do family in Shanghai,
China. After high school she entered into a pre-arranged marriage with my

The family left Shanghai and settled in Hong Kong after the take-over of China
by the Communist Party of China. In the new environment, my father continued
with his career in the textile industry while my mother raised the family and
enjoyed social life and hobbies that included flower arranging and cooking.
By the 1960’s, her daughter, Lucy, and myself were saved. Even though we
invited her to hear the gospel, she would not come to hear it because of my
father’s objection to Christianity.
In 1967, my sister, Lilly, became seriously ill. Mom had to take care of her singlehandedly.
She became desperate and decided to go and hear the gospel
despite the opposition from my father. She received the Lord as a result. The
burden of raising my sister’s two daughters became her responsibility and labor.
The burden became bearable as a result of her salvation. However, she testified
that the breakthrough in seeing the church came in 1981 after attending the 2-
week meeting on “History and Revelation” given by brother Lee in HK and
Since her arrival in Toronto, she has been an active member in the Church in
Toronto. “Christ is our Life; Church is our Living” was written in her little notebook
and these words became her practice and reality. It was her great joy to
host the church’s prayer meeting and guests in her home and to fellowship and
sing with fellow believers. She has been blessed with consistent care and help
from both brothers and sisters in the church and family here in Toronto. We can
testify that all the crises including her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and
even her house burning on fire have all been resolved through God’s hand. All
the way until her last breath, the Lord was her Shepherd, sovereignly arranging
the timing as she passed peacefully with family and saints by her side.

Obituary from her daughter, Po-Tak Wah




妳因着我的病信了主耶穌,使你心零有所寄託,不然常以涙洗面。我精神亦非常痛苦,因為什麼也不能做,整天閉門在牀上, 傭人看我這樣子對孩子也不好,真是擔心極了。







Anyway, 詩篇23篇是我的經歷,希望弟兄姊妹都能細讀。




Obituary from her nephew, Frank, and nieces

It is very sad that our beloved aunt passed away at the advanced age of of 99. We lost a most loved relative who is highly respected and loved. Her extraordinary breadth of love is still deeply rooted in each of us. It was she who told me when I was young with these words that are still clear in my mind: “Come abroad with me…”. After I grew up and have a family and with encouragement from our parents we decided to go to the US for study and work. Our aunt and her husband selflessly came forward to provide the necessary financial guarantee to make this happen. Even though I am now in my seventies and retired I still remembered the words what my aunt had said to me when I was young.

Few years ago we and a group of relatives went to Canada to visit her. She was wheel chair bound then. The immobility, however, does not prevent her from smiling that projected her love for us. We all felt that she had presence of God in her heart. She will always be our spiritual guide as well as for our children.

My sisters and I will always miss her.


Obituary from her Two granddaughters

Dearest Grandma,


We are blessed with growing up with Grandma in Hong Kong. We remember her as a cheerful and competent person. She would drive us around in her car and bring us to church. Her dedication to the administration office in the church helping with various tasks always stays in my mind.


After she migrated to Canada, we only got to visit her again when we moved to the US in 1997. We are always eager to see her. She enjoys food and we would bring her out everyday to different restaurants, and she loves poutin on tires too!


Lastly, thank you for grandma’s blessings to us making it into Toronto last night despite of multiple flight cancellations and delay. When grandma is here, everything will be alright. We will miss you and always remember your smile.


Grand daughters

Alison and Stephanie