Lam Fook Yue Chan

Obituary of Lam Fook Yue Chan

On May 14, 2017 was a very special day to the whole world because it’s Mother’s Day.

To our dearest mother CHAN Lam Fook Yue, this day was most special to her as her loving God decided to take her away from this world back to His Kingdom. Fook Yue passed away peacefully at North York General Hospital. She was 92.

Born on November 15, 1925 in Hong Kong, daughter of Lam Chu Fun & Lam Cheung Kin Foon.  At the age of 9, she lost her mother. She and her 7 other brothers and sisters were raised by her father.

In 1939, grandpa didn’t want his youngest 4 kids to go through W.W.II, he then told his 3rd daughter to take care and bring her 3 younger sisters and 1 brother to Macau to continue their education. Mother didn’t go back to Hong Kong until the War’s over in 1945.

During her high school, she met our handsome father CHAN Moon Tong. After 7 years of dating, mother finally said ‘yes’ to father and they got married on February 2, 1950. 

After marriage, mom and dad led a very busy social life. Their first child Kenneth was born in 1954. 

Mother has always been very serious about our homework and grades. She always told us that we must finished our University education. “Learn the knowledge and apply those knowledge to the society. Don’t live as a parasite in your society.”

Mom decided to immigrate to Toronto in 1986. She had very strong adaptability and enjoyed her new life with dad in Canada for over 30 years. At the time, Kenneth decided not to come as he had his business in Hong Kong. Thomas (youngest son) was still at York University. After Thomas’ graduation, he decided to go to Taiwan to start his business. I was the only one in Toronto to take care of our parents.

2005 was a special year to mom, both heart-broken and heart content. She lost her beloved husband in October due to heart attack. But 2 months later, Thomas’ marriage cured her depression.

After my dad’s passing, I was the only one by her side sharing her joy and sadness. She had a stroke about 3 weeks ago and passed away peacefully.

There will be a Visitation followed by Service at R.S. Kane Chapel on May 25, 2017 starting at 9:00 am. A reception after the service will be held at ‘Legend Chinese Restaurant’