Miu Ping Ngai Tam

On May 13, Ngai Tam Miu Ping passed away peacefully surrounded by family at Markham
Stouville Hospital. She was a loving wife to Ngai Kwan Hop and a beloved mother to Annie,
Sin To, Anna and Alice. She will be deeply missed by her many grandchildren, Cory, Kevin,
Kristie, Alicia, Joseph, Joshua, Breanna and Jeremy. She will be remembered fondly by her
siblings and nieces and nephews. The family will remember her as witty, full of humour and
unafraid to speak her mind. Many thanks to Mon Sheong Foundation for taking care of her
in the recent months. The visitation and funeral service will be held at R.S. Kane Funeral
Home on May 18, 2019 from 11-1pm. In lieu of flowers, the family wishes for donations to
be made to Mon Sheong Foundation in honour of Ngai Tam Miu Ping.