Yuet-Wa Mok Lau 劉莫月華女士

Obituary of Yuet-Wa Mok Lau 劉莫月華女士

Born in China in 1913, Yuet-Wa Mok lived a long, fulfilling 104 years and passed away peacefully on December 3rd, 2017.

She grew up in a tight knit family of seven: her father a well respected judge, her mother a loving wife and caregiver, one brother and three sisters.

She had always been hard working and independent.  Although responsible, she had her brief moments of mischief such as nearly drowning trying to catch fish in the pond or surviving a fall from a tall rooftop while climbing dangerously; She had her fair share of death defying adventures. 

With little formal education, she was determined to build a life of purpose. As an intelligent woman persevering through the challenges she faced, she graduated with high honours from nursing school and became a head nurse, making a handsome salary at the Po Wai Hospital in Tam Chau by her early twenties. 

By the late 1940s, Yuet-Wa Mok embarked on a new chapter of her life. Taking a bold and courageous decision, she fled China and rebuilt her life in Hong Kong where she became a mid-wife working at the Nethersole Hospital. By the early 1950s, her immediate family joined her in Hong Kong. Always eager to provide unsolicited support to all those around her, she became the primary caregiver to her family and those dear to her. During their time together, she and her sisters had built independent mid-wife clinics ultimately delivering thousands of babies.  

Although a career oriented woman, Yuet-Wa Mok never wavered in the unconditional love she provided for her three children. Dedicated to her family, she was always patient, accepting and listened to them without judgment. She was the true exemplification of a role-model and inspiration.

Having retired at the age of 60, she moved to Canada and spent her remaining years surrounded by her loved ones. She is survived by her sons Francan and Dennis, daughter Julie, son in law Frank, daughter in laws Cindy and Audrey, grandchildren Johnson, Dickson, Jackson, Wilson, Daniel, Ryan, Tracey, Alan. Great grandchildren Kaylyn, Jordan, Kylie, Braeden, Leyna, Christopher and Callan.

In addition, she spread her love and joy through her extended family of friends and community at the North York Baptist Church. She was devoted to the sharing of God’s word and to bringing dear friends and relatives into the community by her side.

As an utmost model of humility, love, kindness, caring and acceptance, we will miss her forever, she will always be in our hearts.

莫月華女士出生於一九一三年的中國,在二零一七年十二月三日平安地歸回 天家,神把長壽的冠冕加给她,總共在世一百零四年。 

莫女士長大在七口之家,父親是一位備受尊敬的法官,她的母親是一位賢淑 的妻子和慈愛的照顧者,她有一位兄長和三位姐妹。

莫女士排行第三,自小有獨立的個性而且愛勤奮工作。她做事有責任心,卻 掩不住她活潑好動的個性,比如為着捕捉小魚幾乎淹死在池塘裹,或者在攀 登上高大的屋頂時從上面掉下來。

她沒有机会接受到多少正規教育,卻能決心讓自己有一個有目標的生活。在 一個四處烽煙的環境中,她堅持不懈地面對環境的挑戰,以護士學校的優異 成績畢業,成為護士長,二十歲出頭,在潭洲保華醫院工作。

到了四十年代末,莫女士踏上了人生新的一頁。她勇敢地作出了決定,逃離 了即將變色的中國,在香港重新開始她的生活与工作。她在香港那打素醫院 接受了婦產科的訓練,成為了一位掛牌的接生。到了五十年代初,她幫助她 的妹子亦在那打素醫院接受訓練成為接生。莫女士總是渴望能夠幫助在她傍 邊的親人与朋友,她用愛心去照顧家中每一個人,甚至她的姨甥們。在一起 的時候,她和她的姐妹們建立了三間獨立的莫氏留產所,幾十年中有數仟名 嬰兒有那裹出生。

雖然她的職業幫助一家人帶來生活的安定,但是莫女士從來沒有動搖過對三 個兒女的無條件的愛。在她的家裹,您可以見證到她總是用愛心和耐心聆聽 兒女們的傾訴。她是用母愛,耐心,鼓勵來幫助孩子們的成長。她实在是把 一位偉大的媽媽演活了,成為了我們這一代的模範。

在60歲退休後,她從香港遷居到加拿大,度過了她被兒孫包圍的金色年華。 她的兒子劉天作(燕霞) 和劉天一(真頴),女兒劉美蓮(鄔贊明),孫子復生(Nellie),迪生(寶 寶),寶生(Lourdes),煒生(蘇影) Daniel Ryan,及外孫瑞菱(David),啟璞。七位曾孫 包括 子錕,子鈴,子昕,子錡,世華,燦明,偉明。。 

此外,在北約浸信會這個屬靈的大家庭和社區, 她常常有机会把她的愛和在 主內的喜樂帶给弟兄姊妹。她致力於分享上帝的話語,讓不少親愛的朋友和 親戚都得到上帝的祝福。 莫女士的人生是我們的一個典範。她在主裹學会了的謙卑,愛心,善良,關 懷和接納的工課,讓我們永遠的懷念她,她也將永遠的活在我們的心中。